While it’s still dark she rises. Sticks of wood flicker into flame bringing porridge to bubble. Baby strapped to back as portions are divided out for hungry little mouths. Sun sifts light over horizon as young girls fetch water a mile away and back. Buckets balance on heads as chatter spills forth. School children are beckoned to class. Dishes washed and floor swept. Now is the time to create. As toddlers ramble at her feet, beauty is birthed in her hands.

The artisans we partner with work in some of the world’s most vulnerable places.  We provide a market for their products, which allows them to earn a dignified income while using old-world skills that have been passed down through generations. They are able to feed, clothe and send their children to school. This in turn can change whole communities as artisans pour resources into their local economy. Thank you for helping them thrive!

These are the hands and faces of beauty.